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How to combine Intermittent Fasting and exercise

By May 22, 2016Fasting

Fasting Low-Carb NutritionIntermittent fasting is a great way to reprogram your body’s energy systems to be more fat burning.If you find you are very hungry after a morning exercise session, this strongly suggests that when you break your fast, the foods that you are eating may be a bit too high in carb (for your tolerance level) and therefore keep you in ‘carb-burning’ mode.

If you are relying on liver and muscle glycogen (sugar) stores for energy you are not going to be burning fat efficiently, this will stimulate hunger as your brain seeks to replenish those sugar based energy stores. If you continue to eat as you do then you need to eat breakfast before exercise and have a carb based snack (supplement/food) to refuel after exercise. If you re-align your eating to a more low-carb high fat program your hunger should settle as you become a more efficient fat-burner to supply the energy for exercise.

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