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Read the Low-Carb Companion and start your ‘new life’ journey to good health.


Reverse Diabetes

Let food be your medicine and use the low-carb lifestyle to reverse diabetes and move off medications.



You can lose your excess weight and
enjoy boundless energy all day, every day.


Cutting Edge Science

Each chapter concisely defines and explains the evolving science behind low-carb healthy-fat nutrition in an easy to digest guide.

Self-assessment Tools

The Low-Carb Companion provides detailed self-assessment tools to help you gauge your metabolic health and where you need to improve.

Extensive FAQ Section

The answers to the most commonly asked questions on the low-carb lifestyle, based on helping thousands of people change their diet for the better.

Loaded With Goodies

The Low-Carb Companion comes with over 250 tried and tested delicious recipes to help you eat the low-carb way each and every day.

Enjoy a New Lease on Life

“After learning about the LCHF way of eating from a lecture given by Dr. Austin Jeans, I decided to try it for myself. I had convinced myself that being fat was just the curse of getting older. Following The Low-Carb Companion guidelines, I ended up losing 11 kg in 6 months and dropped several dress sizes. My “bad” cholesterol numbers dropped significantly and my “good” cholesterol increased during this same period of time.

Recently, people at the gym – and in my life – have begun asking me how they can do what I have done. What I tell them is that the most significant obstacle to losing weight is your own mindset. My advice is that once you have decided to lose weight, make the shift to LCHF, and then stick to the program (no cheating).  You will not feel hungry on LCHF.  LCHF will become a new healthy way of life for you – and you’ll never have to be fat again. ” Mona

Before & After Mona
May 22, 2016 in Cancer

Low-carb nutrition and cancer

 “So you think you need sugar? Your cancer needs it even more.” Dr Gary Fettke (Surgeon & brain cancer survivor) Cancer rates are rising worldwide; estimates are that there will…

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May 22, 2016 in Diabetes

An overview of Diabetes 2 – a lifestyle disease

 There are in fact two forms of diabetes mellitus. The least common, comprising approximately 10% of all diabetes is Type 1 diabetes, which occurs mostly in younger individuals and is…

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May 22, 2016 in Food for thought

Be extra careful with low carb baking and pets

Xylitol is very toxic for dogs and often fatal, especially if the animal ingests more than 100 mg/kg body weight of Xylitol. The reason it is safe for husmans is…

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The Low-Carb Companion

The Low-Carb Companion is the life-changing nutrition book you must read. A concise, fact-filled expose on eating your way to effective weight-loss and the reversal of diabetes, it is your handbook to life-long health. If you are tired of your doctor always getting on your case about losing weight, about always trying the latest fad diet for it not to work, of exercising with no results then this book is for you! It’s time that you realign your nutritional health with your metabolic health in order to achieve:

  • Significant and sustainable weight-loss
  • The reversal of diabetes
  • Disease proof your life
  • Increased sports performance
  • Optimal family nutrition
  • Boosted energy levels

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